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Illusions and Magic for Events of all types and sizes

Throughout the years, the magic of Mark O'Brien has entertained hundreds of thousands of people across the globe.  For Mark, the art of magic is the greatest of all of the performing arts when presented to create "a sense of wonder".  All of our productions are designed to instill wonder. We strive to form a connection with the audience through story and emotion and maintain positive energy while providing a memorable and entertaining experience.







Master Illusionist - Magician - Magic Consultant & Illusioneer

As one of America's top Illusionists performing internationally for

over two decades, Mark O'Brien has been in the entertainment and marketing businesses long enough to understand what today's sophisticated audiences need and want from a

"magical performance".


Let Mark and The Magic Factory's elite group of artists, designers, technicians, and performers help make your event truly unforgettable. Our turnkey productions,  as well as our custom designed shows, are the result of decades of experience in every major entertainment market. Contact us to find out more about our services and rates.

Shows and Services


If you are looking to create a unique immersive environment filled with wonder, then contact us.
We create "amazing" experiences using our years of experience in illusion and special effects

including mixed media and digital technology.  We were way ahead of this trend and have created immersive experiences with unusual effects designed to tour and accommodate thousands of people.


We have consulted show producers, advertising executives, film and television directors and

magicans and illusionists on the use of magic and special effects in their productions.

We can help you achieve your vision on time and on budget.


Close-Up Magic

"Real Magic"

Traditional "sleight of hand " and "close-up" magic with cards, coins has become increasingly popular with the audiences over the past few years.

For some it is the closet thing to "real magic" that they will ever experience. We guarantee you and your guests will have an incredible time watching our performances.

Our goal is to produce unforgettable performances accessible to all audiences. Get in touch to learn about availability and rates.


Illusion Shows

Currently Available to Book

We have three different illusion shows  available for family and corporate audiences. 

Look for detailed pages

regarding these shows coming to this website soon.

Custom Shows

If  you are looking to create  a new show or routine, please fee free to reach out and discuss your vision.

We can provide new ideas and concepts designed for specifically for you to achieve  your vision.





The Answers You Need










Frequently asked questions about our  products and services can be found below.

We are here to answer your questions.  Feel free to ask using our Inquiry Form


How long does it take to create a custom show and what does it cost?

Complexity, budget, and scale will determine the time it takes to create a custom show. We can modify existing illusions and create a custom presentation very quickly.  Providing us with your goals, the size of your audience, budget estimate and event venue will be required for us to determine a realistic time line and fee structure.


What do mean by you offering "consultation" with respect to magic and illusion?

We can help determine the best way to achieve your desired effect within the scope of your budget and time constraints.

We also consult acts and performers with respect to their image and the style of magic which we believe will work best for them to perform.


I  want to purchase Mark O'Brien's  "Split Image" illusion.  How long does it to build one

and how much does it cost?

Mark O'Brien is the creator of this illusion and this is the first time it is being licensed for use in the magic community (March, 2019). We are building them in limited runs. We are constructing three at a time. Once we have three buyers with deposits in place we will begin construction. Estimated arrival time will be determined by the number of illusions in construction.  Cost is available upon serious interest.








"Unique, different, and well executed;
thanks to you and the clever way you utilized magic to make a story point”
Gene Columbus
      Project Producer      
Asis Metamorphosis Show Orlando_edited.j

Corporate Entertainment

Memorable Performances

From unique trade show displays and illusions to full scale illusion shows specifically designed for corporations, we have delivered hundreds of quality productions

for our clients.

We carefully craft every detail of the production from scripting to music, to costuming and magical effects to deliver your message in

a truly unique and memorable way.

Book Now
Split Image at bush gardens_edited.jpg

ILLUSIONS for sale

Mark O'Brien's Original 

"Split Image"

2019 marks the first time that

Mark O'Brien shall offer a limited run of his of his original creation

"Split Image" Illusion.

These will be constructed by top artisans and delivered in Calzone Road Cases.

New and unique illusions are currently in development and will be available for purchase in the coming months.

The Magic Factory is a federally registered servicemark of Mark O'Brien

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